Executive Board Members

 President – Lisa Matro ([email protected])

 Executive Vice President, Art In Action (Clay) – Joscelyn Wu ([email protected])

LindsayB1 Vice President Ways & Means, Jog-a-thon, Marathon Club – Lindsey Brewster  ([email protected])

 Vice President of Programs, Holiday Gift Shop, Reflections, Parent Education Night – Jenna Vitta  ([email protected])

Secretary – Karla Caponera  ([email protected])

Treasurer – Megan Unter  ([email protected])

  Financial Secretary, Community Outreach (COOL) – Gretchen Reiners  ([email protected])

    Auditor – Mike Healy  ([email protected])

Historian – Holly Nelson  ([email protected])

Parliamentarian, Membership, Sponsorship, Escrip Chairperson (Amazon Ralphs) – Cindy Strange ([email protected])

Arts Advocacy, Art in Action (Square One) – Kathie Davis  ([email protected])

 Art in Action (clay) – Scottie King  ([email protected])

  Auction – Stephanie Macinnes ([email protected])

jenG Birthday Book Club, Book Fair – Jen Gaumer  ([email protected])

Birthday Book Club, Room Parent, Science Fair – Julie Melberg  ([email protected])

Book Swap, Hearing/Vision Testing,  Picture Day – Lora Fugitt  ([email protected])

  Box Top Collection – Daniela Harp ([email protected])

KaceyB Chalk Festival – Kacey Bent  ([email protected])

Communications – Brooke Roberts ([email protected])

Gina Community Outreach (COOL),  Dine-Outs, Hospitality – Gina Hummel  ([email protected])

 Daddy-Daughter Dance – Marisa Freeborn ([email protected])

 Family Movie Night – Megan Watson ([email protected])

Game Room Coordinator – Tiffany Smith ([email protected])

Health & Safety/Red Ribbon Week, Kinder Liason/Coordinator – Cathy Johnson ([email protected])

 Holiday Gift Shop – Lena Lyle ([email protected])

 Kids of Character – Danielle Hughes  ([email protected])

 Marquee, Mother/Son Event – Victoria Whitaker  ([email protected])

berg2 Membership, Sponsorship – Debbie Berg  ([email protected])

Monthly Munchies, Teacher Appreciation – Jordan Stephenson  ([email protected])

 Recycling – Heather Neville  ([email protected])

ChristinaM Science Fair – Christina Migge  ([email protected])

Social Media, Web Store – Claire Mendenhall  ([email protected])

Special Education – Katie Grant  ([email protected])

Spirit Wear Coordinator, Megen Jay ([email protected])

 Variety Show – Jen Audet  ([email protected])

 Yearbook – Carrie Schryver  ([email protected])

 Yearbook – Megan Cordova  ([email protected])

 Yearbook – Natalie Johnson  ([email protected])