PTA Annual Membership



Click here to register/purchase your PTA membership (directions below).

We invite every parent, student, grandparent, and neighbor to join PTA. Your membership helps provide: Hands-On Science, Technology Aide, Art in Action, Assemblies, Math & Science Night, Variety Show, Classroom/Technology/Instructional Materials, and more.

DIRECTIONS on how to sign up for membership through PTA-EZ:

  1. Select the “View Details” button
  2. Select “Login to Purchase”
  3. If you have already created an account with PTA-EZ, login with your Username and Password. If you need to create a PTA-EZ account, select “Register for an account”.
  4. To order multiple memberships, each family member will need to be added individually to your cart. Use the “For: dropdown” to select each of your family members
  5. Select “View Cart” and “Check Out”
  6. Review your shopping cart. There will be separate line items for each of the PTA memberships you purchased
  7. Click “Purchase”
  8. You will now have the option to pay via your personal PayPal account or via a Debit/Credit Card
  9. Complete all required fields and submit
  10. Print your receipt if desired (a copy of the receipt will be emailed to you)

Once you have completed and purchased your items you will need to return to “My Account” to print your PTA membership cards

  1. Go to “My Account” on the Home screen
  2. Select “Membership Cards” from the left column

Click on the printer icon next to each member and print your cards.