At your fingertips, you have a great resource to find out what is happening at our state level in education (and how it may impact our schools)!

As the oldest and largest advocacy organization in California, PTA is uniquely qualified to influence policymakers. By working collaboratively on issues, PTAs in California and throughout the nation can form a powerful force in securing adequate laws and public policy that are best for the care and protection of children and youth. Decisions that affect our children, youth, and families are made every day by local, state, and national policymakers. In a democratic society, every citizen has the right and the responsibility to participate in shaping those decisions. These advocacy tools have been developed to assist you in your efforts to influence policymakers at the local, state, and national levels.

Visit the Fourth District PTA which  is an extension of our school PTA. It is an organization comprised of twenty councils’ PTA members who represent all of Orange County as well as members in a small portion of Los Angeles County. Their monthly round-tables include discussions about current bills being passed in Sacramento and they have guest speakers from various levels of our California State Education system. These meetings are open to any PTA member and you can check their web site for dates and location.

This year, the four main points PTA is trying to convey are:

1. Reducing Chronic Absence and Truancy in Schools
2. School Facility Funding
3. Repeal of the Cap on School District Reserves
4. High Quality Teachers
       -Legislation and funding for professional development
       -Retaining current teachers
       -Better recruitment and training for new teachers so that teachers are fully prepared
        to educate students and prepare them for college-level coursework that the 21st century
        global workplace demands.